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Opposites Coincide: Yellow Cedar Mat

Opposites Coincide: Yellow Cedar Mat

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by Kaigani Craft

The process for creating this mat began with gathering Alaskan yellow cedar bark on Prince of Wales Island, near Hydaburg, Alaska. The colors were created by dyeing blue over pink on varying shades of cedar bark. The design woven in contrasting bark on this piece began to form with the movement of the artist's hands interacting with the natural materials. The rhythm of weaving the weft over and under the warps created the balance that holds the weaving together. The final design is a gift of the weaving process. The border is twined Western red cedar bark. Jacinthe's lifetime of weaving has taught her much of balance, connection, intuition, and natural processes. 

Material: Alaskan yellow cedar bark, Western red cedar bark, wooden dowel
Dimensions: 31 in. x 41.5 in.

Jacinthe Demmert is a textile artist from the Haida Nation. She weaves natural fibers of the Pacific Northwest into vessels that interact with the environment Jacinthe was raised in Hydaburg, Alaska. She is of the Stáas’taas clan and her crests include eagle, beaver, sculpin, and frog. Jacinthe learned the art of Haida basketry from her mother, Vicki LeCornu. She learned the art of Haida form-line and woodcarving from her father, Adrian LeCornu. Jacinthe explores functional forms with environmental interactions. She continues to work on innovative and sustainable textiles in Shoreline, Washington.

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