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The Crocosmic Tarot

The Crocosmic Tarot

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by Leon Fineley

The Crocosmic Tarot is a beautifully drawn, genderless deck which uses imaginative, abstract imagery to connect with intuition and the body. This is a deck brimming with affirmations and messages to nurture your connection with abundance, wisdom and hope. The drawings and messages of the Crocosmic Tarot were channeled through the Akashic Records (an interdimensional library of everything that is, was, or ever will be)—making this deck a unique and powerful tool for divination, meditation and personal growth. This deck is lovingly crafted to help you face the challenges in your life with compassion and confidence.

Leon Finley is a queer trans interdisciplinary artist and Tarot and Akashic Records reader. Their work in all realms seeks to support joy, connection and healing for themselves and others.

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