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Terrazzo Female Body Planter

Terrazzo Female Body Planter

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by LindaMakess 

This unique planter is perfect for adding a unique and modern touch to your décor. Handmade in Seattle, it is a lovely gift. Zero-waste, Terrazzo chips are saved from an accumulation of different batches of cement mix and used in this planter.

Includes drainage hole. Not suitable for outdoor use.

Materials: Cement. Colorful terrazzo chips. Comes with felt feet to prevent scuffing.
Dimensions: 2.75 in. x 3 in. x 4 in.

Lindamakess is an AAPI and woman-owned small business. The brand was born during the pandemic as a creative outlet to create planters for, the designer's own plants. Lindamakess has since grown and expanded the product catalog and aim to create high quality concrete decor such as trays, bookends, decorative items, and etc. All items are handmade by Linda herself. LindaMakess is a one-person operated shop and based in Seattle, WA. All items are slightly unique.

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