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Tempera | New Temperaments

Tempera | New Temperaments

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Designed by Michael Carroll

Foreword by John W. Streetman III

Statement by Abbie N. Sprague 

This volume was published by the Turner Carroll Gallery in conjunction with its exhibition Tempera/New Temperaments (November 22–December 10, 2002). This exhibition was additionally presented at the Frye Art Museum (March 7–June 1, 2003).

This exhibition offers a panoramic homage to the traditions of 16th and 17th century Dutch and Flemish painting with the works of seven contemporary artists painting in the egg tempera medium. Exhibition artists include Fred Wessel, Michael Bergt, Carol Mothner, William Patterson, Scherer & Ouporov , and Koo Schadler.

This catalogue includes a foreword by John W. Streetman III, artist biographies, and an exhibition checklist, along with illustrations of the exhibition artwork.

21 pages, full color illustrations

10 x 9 in. 

Softcover, 2002

Catalogues published before 2010 have been in storage and may have small signs of wear and tear. 

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