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Robert Van Vranken | Silent Paintings

Robert Van Vranken | Silent Paintings

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Design by Cathy Blackburn

Edited by Richard V. West

Foreword by Richard V. West

This catalogue was published by the Frye Art Museum in conjunction with its exhibition Robert Van Vranken: Silent Paintings (November 10, 2000–January 7, 2001), a part of the Frye’s Viewpoints series, which is devoted to the work of contemporary artists who are redefining the concepts of representation and content in modern painting.

In Van Vranken’s work, lucid architectural constructs turn into tantalizing labyrinths that are overlaid with the history of their own creation. In these silent paintings, we are offered a glimpse of a developing drama that we sense will continue to unfold even after we move on.

This publication includes a foreword by Richard V. West, full color illustrations of the exhibition artwork along with an exhibition checklist, selected bibliography, and artist’s statement.

20 pages, full color illustrations

9.25 x 8.5 in.

Softcover, 2000

Catalogues published before 2010 have been in storage and may have small signs of wear and tear. 

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