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Pizza Magnet

Pizza Magnet

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by Crunch Supply

Handmade pizza slice magnet in assorted glittery flavors!

Materials: Clay, paint, glitter, magnet
Dimensions: 2.5 in. x 1.5 in.

Crunch Supply is the business of artist & party decorating enthusiast Claire England. Informed by her start designing and screen printing bold band shirts, she wanted to start her own line of products where the emphasis could be more on the handmade and the audience wasn’t necessarily at a rock show. “Crunch Supplies” range from the cute and functional like screen printed pizza gift tags, to bizarre tiny works of art like clam gum (a pearl gumball in a handmade paper clam), simply because she did not want to live in a world where clam gum didn’t exist. Inspirations include nostalgia for early 90s stationery, a lifelong obsession with gift wrapping, and food. Always food.

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