Northwest Views | Selections from the SAFECO Collection

$ 12.00

By Ron Glowen

Designed by Cathy Blackburn and Beth Koutsky

Edited by Debra J. Byrne and Richard V. West

Forewords by Mike McGavic, Richard V. West and Debra J. Byrne

Introduction by Jim McDonald

This catalogue is published by the SAFECO Graphics and Publishing Services in conjunction with the exhibition Northwest Views: Selections from the SAFECO Collection (September 7–November 4, 2001) at the Frye Art Museum.

The relationship between artist and environment is well represented in this exhibition catalogue. This collection effectively reflects the variety, beauty, and complexity of the Northwest’s visual heritage and culture.

This publication includes forewords by Mike McGavic, Richard V. West, and Debra J. Byrne and an introduction by Jim McDonald along with an exhibition checklist, and selected full color illustrations from the exhibition.

16 pages, full color illustrations

10 x 8.15 in.

Softcover, 2001