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Liu Ding's Store and the Politics of Value

Liu Ding's Store and the Politics of Value

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by Diedrich Diederichsen, Boris Groys, Nav Haq, Monika Szewczyk

Liu employs the economic model of a shop as a platform for discussion on the creation of value in the art world. Liu Ding’s Store was launched in the summer of 2008. Besides selling works online, Liu Ding's Store frequently makes appearances in an assortment of contexts and situations, from social and cultural events to art exhibitions. Through different approaches that include product pricing, promotion, marketing, and circulation, Liu seeks to investigate, understand, and discuss value—particularly the complex characteristics of value in art—as well as the rules, mechanisms, and politics behind the creation of value. At the same time, it is an art practice that expresses the artist’s political imagination.

Paperback, 146 pages

Dimensions: 8 in. x 10 in.

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