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Grey Hope | The Persistence of Melancholy

Grey Hope | The Persistence of Melancholy

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Edited by Sigrid Sandström and Atopia Projects

Design by Luke Bulman/Thumb,

Contributors: Karin Mamma Andersson, Daniel Birnbaum & Anders Olsson, Brian Dillion, Peter Doig, Lucy Gunning, Lars Gustafsson, Per Kirkeby, Jennifer Radden, Hrafnkell Sigurdsson and Richard Wright

This book is published by Atopia Projects—an arts organization that initiates curatorial and publishing projects, co-founded and co-directed by Gavin Morrison and Fraser Stables. Through an interrelated series of publications and exhibitions, Atopia Projects aims to function as a type of non-place—a roaming site that explores the methods and means of production and distribution.

This book is an idiosyncratic compendium of texts and artist work that relates to an understanding of melancholy as a contributing essence to a rounded psychic landscape. It is in these instances that melancholy functions as a filter or mediator for experience; it generates a peculiar and particular related-ness to the world. It is at once deeply internal but often crucially intertwined with our relationship to landscape and nature. Grey Hope aims for melancholy to be culturally understood as an active aspect of the psyche and not an affliction requiring elevation.

Includes contributor biographies and an annotated index of personal names.

134 pages, 29 illustrations

8.25 x 6.6 in

Softcover, 2006

Printed in an edition of 1, 500

Catalogues published before 2010 have been in storage and may have small signs of wear and tear. 

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