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Death Doula Oracle Cards

Death Doula Oracle Cards

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by Theodore Saint & Chris Williams

The Death Doula Oracle Cards are designed to promote mystical, awe inspiring & spiritual experiences, giving its' readers the tools to live a fulfilling life and in turn a peaceful death. For any stage of one's life, guiding the reader down a path of healing, wellness, self-discovery & rebirth.

This deck becomes your personal doula and guide, gently aiding your spiritual unfoldment, revealing your truest self while giving you the tools to live and die with grace. Includes 56 cards with gold edges, instruction book of rituals, practices, meditations & more, all aimed at getting you further in touch with your creativity, intuition, & inner tranquility.

All of the photography on the cards is shot on 35mm film, using double and triple exposure techniques, captured and created in the camera without photoshop. Each photo is highly intentional and the artist often considers the images little talismans constructed within the camera.

For those looking to enrich their spiritual practices and encourage an awakening within themselves, this deck is designed for you.

Death Doula Oracle Cards were designed with love in Seattle, WA. Theodore Saint & Chris Williams are the author and photographer behind the images on the cards and the words in the book.

The creators are multidisciplinary visual artists and writers, licensed end of life doula, esotericist and healer striving to bring the most effective forms of healing and transformation into one digestible compendium (i.e. the Death Doula Oracle Cards).

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