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Circle of Lyon | 7 French Painters of Reality

Circle of Lyon | 7 French Painters of Reality

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Designed by Cathy Blackburn

Edited by Richard V. West

Coordinator: Roxanne Hadfeild

Introduction by Richard V. West

Essay by Hubert Gaillard

This catalogue was published by the Frye Art Museum in conjunction with its exhibition Circle of Lyon: 7 French Painter of Reality (January 23–March 15, 1998). This exhibition features contemporary French artists who paint in the trompe l’oeil style. Featured artists include Jocelyne Antoine, Hubert Gaillard, Christine Heppe, Marie-Hélène Mestrallet, Melly Monne, Solange de Montessus and Dan Poncet.

Over the last three decades, France has seen a resurgence of trompe l’oeil painting, which has its roots in classical antiquity and flourished until the early years of the 20th century. The contemporary French painters featured in this catalogue are not only are technically proficient but also refuse to rely on photography as a reference tool.

This publication includes an introduction by Richard V. West, essay by Hubert Gaillard, artist statements by each of the exhibition artists, an exhibition checklist along with full-color illustrations of the exhibition artwork.

31 pages, full color illustrations

11.75 x 8.25 in. 

Softcover, 1998

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