Artifice and Representation | Paintings by Gabrielle Bakker and Gloria DeArcangelis

$ 10.00

Designed by Charla Reid

Edited by Richard V. West and Debra J. Byrne

These catalogues were published by the Frye Art Museum in conjunction with its exhibition Artifice and Representation (May 24–September 8, 2002). This volume is a combination of both catalogues, one half representing Gabrielle Bakker and the other Gloria DeArcangelis.

The artworks of Artifice and Representation combine modern mythology with classical constructs to create warm, saturated portraits. Bakker describes her work as interpreting and reinventing the world, changing the term representation into a literary instead of literal interpretation of reality. DeArcangelis interprets the artificial nature of representation by melding the spiritual and the material.

This publication includes a conversation between Debra J. Byrne and each artist, a biography of each artist along with an exhibition checklist and illustrations of the exhibition artwork.

7 pages each, full color illustrations

8.5 x 8.5 in. 

Softcover, 2002

Catalogues published before 2010 have been in storage and may have small signs of wear and tear.