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Alchemy 27

Alchemy 27

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by Rachel Wolf

"I create my work without a camera. I describe my work as liminagraphy- where I delve into the very essence of the photographic process itself, standing at the threshold where light transmutes into matter. Operating within my darkroom, I engage in a direct and unmediated exploration by exposing photographic materials such as paper and film to an array of objects, light sources, and chemical agents. This approach allows me to transcend the limitations imposed by traditional photography and liberates me from the constraints of a camera. Instead, I forge a profound and intimate connection with the materials, immersing myself entirely in the photographic process. Through diverse techniques and materials, I embrace the transformative principles of alchemy. Instead of fixing the image, I allow it to continuously evolve and respond to its environment, akin to living beings. Additionally, I integrate digital technology by scanning the unique images, capturing and preserving their evolving nature. This integration bridges the realms of analog and digital photography, exploring the interplay between impermanence and preservation." 

Medium: Camera-less Photography: Chromogenic Liminagraphy
Dimensions: 42 in. x 32 in. 

Rachel Wolf is a professional photographer who specializes in camera-less photography, alternative/antique processes, and creates immersive environments through light-based installations. Born and raised in Alaska, Rachel's work is deeply influenced by the profound presence and absence of light in her surroundings. Her direct experience of the aurora borealis instilled in her a deep appreciation for the transcendent and embodied qualities of light, which has since become her muse and the focus of her artistic practice. As a professor and speaker, Rachel loves to inspire others by sharing her passion for light and photography. She also believes in the power of art as a collaborative endeavor and its ability to build community. Rachel is a founding member of FO(u)RT Collective, a multi-disciplinary arts collective that creates and curates exhibitions and events. She is also a member of The Guild at LightBox Photographic Gallery, curating photographic exhibitions and offering workshops in analogue photography processes. Rachel's work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Her photographs are held in both public and private collections. Rachel earned her BA from Hampshire College and her MFA from Pacific Northwest College of Art.

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