Emergence by Kamari Bright

Emergence by Kamari Bright

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by Kamari Bright

For those lost in a world with no maps and too many destinations...for those trying to keep their heads above the waters of their past...for those who can not swim, but hope to fly...there is "Emergence", a collection of poems about the discovery of self, surroundings, and sovereignty in the 21st century.

108 pages

Kamari Bright is an emerging creative with poetry featured in “NILVX: A Book of Magic,” “2018 Jack Straw Writers Anthology,” “Moss,” and Bellwether Arts Week. Her videopoems have screened at 8th International Video Poetry Festival, Seattle Black Film Festival, Tacoma Film Festival and the Film & Videopoetry Symposium. The 2018 Jack Straw Writers fellow is working on a manuscript connecting the influence of Christian folklore on present-day misogyny, and fundraising for The People’s School in Ghana.

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