Shou Sugi Ban Stool - Medium

Shou Sugi Ban Stool - Medium

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by Casual Surveying Co.

This striking stool is comprised of incense cedar with fir legs.

Materials: Incense Cedar, Fir

Dimensions: 8" x 14"

Casual Surveying Co. is a design build collaboration between Julianne Johnson and Arne Pihl.  Julianne is an artist with a background in display and living space design. Arne is a sculptural woodworker, as well as a carpenter and designer. The two began collaborating in late 2017. 

These stools/side tables are the first run of a series with rich organic roots—in the purely material sense, but also in the flow of ideas and exchange that led to their creation. Each one is not just an individual object, but a special part of the natural world and a production process that Julianne and Arne designed to honor these roots.

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